The Fifth Dimension - campus eMagazine of NIT Agartala

From Editors' Desk

              “Necessity is the mother of Invention”. Human being’s thirst for doing something new repeatedly and grooming the present inventions certainly proves this quote to be true. A new era is going to open up all its secrets in different dimensions. Time will never restrict its momentum.

              The Eureka of the new discoveries is never ending. Vibrant young generation will keep growing in the shade of experienced matured mass.

              With the advancement related with every field in NIT Agartala, the interests as well as the capabilities of its students is progressing to take a golden turn with words of motivation and sense of guidance. The Journalism Dept. of “Tech Addicts” presents you to a whole new and fascinating world of technology, never witnessed in the History of NITA. The Fifth Dimension, as the word goes, is entirely a new concept, which reflects the hard labour of the “tech addicts” members who have worked sleeplessly in order to make the first ever e-magazine of our institution in to reality.

It’s going to introduce the columns of campus buzz, providing you with the essence of all the latest events and happenings of our college. ”Ignited minds” will tell you the successful endeavours undertaken by one college mates.

             Next comes “footprint” through which you will come across the grand successes of the events that made a history. Thus all in all they will certainly act as footprints left on the sands of time, to encourage and guide us in the upcoming events. It is said that one of the most important factor for the growth of any nation depends largely on its R&D works. The same theme applies for our constitutions. So, these columns will make you acquainted with the Edison and Graham Bell of our college. Last but not the least T&P column will keep you updated with the story and records of the placement in our campus.

               Hoping that with every step we take forward, to nurture our magazine will help it to achieve greater heights and appreciation.

We, on the behalf of whole team, would like to thank all the people out there for constant motivation and always providing a helping hand.

               It will be our honour to have your advice and suggestions in the coming future.


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